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Books We Want

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Eyes wander around a sea of books searching for the one whose story is eager to be told.  A part of time has been paralyzed when enclosing fragments of artists’ most cherished memories in a two faced cage.  The assortments of thoughts scream in silence, begging to be consumed by a reader who will give a breath of vitality to the lifeless object.  For reading is a way to keep celebrating the life that has faded, the words of  celebrated women whose lifestyle and closets stamped what is fashion today shall remain spoken of and seen with grace.

Many women can simply adapt to a current trend, then, there are some with a whimsical flair whose face and elegance compels them to glimmer in a lackluster setting.  Audrey Hepburn is a lady whose physical attributes and velvet voice made admirers swoon with endearment.  In Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit, her son Sean Hepburn shares an intimate vision of what was and still is known as one of the most charming personalities ever encountered.  In a society of refinement there is sure to be a hidden sultry siren.  Diamonds were her best friend and men adored her enigmatic playfulness.  Marilyn Monroe was a doll to all.  In her memoir, My Story, she shares the troubles behind that teasing smile.  Filled with archaic photos of her fabulous form fitting attire, this book shares an innermost view of everyone’s favorite fair maiden.  Then again, Monroe isn’t the only vamp whose style was favored of.  Ava Gardner stole the hearts of many, including the man about town, Frank Sinatra.  This femme fatale writes in detail her rummaging thoughts in her memoir also named My Story (seems like Monroe and Gardner shared more than an obscure allurement).  The woman that created the fashion many women yearned for and those three ladies luckily possessed was the pioneer of the coveted little black dress.  Coco Chanel autonomous presence made her into one of times most iconic faces.  With a lifetime of ardent flowing throughout her fingertips, Gabrielle Chanel transformed herself into the woman any gal wanted to be.  In Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life, Justine Picardie writes a compelling and enthralling biography of the dame that brought chicness into the world.  What is fashion without a visionary artisan?  The Empress of Fashion, Diana Vreeland, is to be known as the mod woman who brought that sizzling pizzazz to Vogue.  Having a way with words and a knack for discovering great talents, she renovated the way readers viewed the mode world when writing her book D.V.  With designers claiming her as a grandiose presence, Vreeland left an illustrative mark in the magazine industry.  

These dames had more to say than what they projected and some had an image to uphold while others preferred to dim out of the spotlight.  The immortality of their electrifying lives lies in the form of carefully binned paper left for readers to unravel their clandestine memoirs.