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By Herson Guerrero

Through positive and negative experiences, art has a chance at a meaning of existence, because of it the world creates images, musical masterpieces are composed and visionary concepts emerge leaving an impact for the future.  This is the case of Ricardo Sánchez a native artist from Caguas, Puerto Rico; which was captivated by the art of drawing at the early stages of his childhood, today; a professional graduate from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Old San Juan. Sanchez's inspiration comes from music and anarchy, which leads him to express his urge to scream and his enduring passion of resented feelings that his country provides, as the social obliteration fogs the beauty of its every corner.  “The elements in PR inspire me, and help me achieve an equilibrium between fantasy, reality and the unseen”, R. S.  Quotes the young artist whose main desire is to show the world his point of view.

Infected” is also the name of this young man first book published by Pernicious Press Inc. which illustrates some of his artwork. The publication shows work  full of : nature, death, the fundamental elements, the future, fantasy, gastronomy and others. (In my opinion, a true delight). The first week of august Ricardo Sanchez presented his latest collection. The presentation took place on Candela, San Juan, Puerto Rico. In there the artist had the opportunity of exposing  some of his best work yet. 

This puertorrican artist recognizes in his work the true inspiration of some of his mentors all of them from different time frames in history. Ricardo acknowledges that these artists are present in the main spine of the piece, for the knowledge share in color, fragment, and composition. Some of this great inspirations are: Gustave Dore, a European artist that illustrated his art threw lines and had his work publish in some versions of the Bible. Jeremy Hush, the master of fantasy, mechanics and animals; that besides H.R. Gigger are a great part of his muse. Also from his natal Puerto Rico, La Pandilla a group composed by Alex Díaz and Juan Fernández, a Majestic duo whose talent has become an international sensation, taking the Puerto Rican’s heart pulse to greater days. “I admire their work, they are truly an inspiration for me” R.S. 

Sanchez aspires to continue his studies at New York City, with hopes of expanding his art internationally. When we asked him to define his work with one word; he responded:  “Street Art”- Calling, “Barroco”- Natural, “Etching ” – Discipline.

Photos by Herson Guerrero