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Matte Nails: Kaleidoscope

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Float into a technicolor dream, where monochromatic hues seem to vanish and all scenery moves in a light pace.  Mistake visions as if they were reality and alternate dreary days with kaleidoscopic memories.

Vanished are the days where delicacy was the sole choice for primed nails.  The clichéd French manicure has been overshadowed by the inventiveness that is nail art.  Visions for these creative outlets have come from designer’s textiles to the ever so lovely floral patterns.  A return to the innocent past sparked what is seen as a fusion of prismatic fantasies.  Madeline Poole, a celeb nail artist (who has been seen in Teen Vogue, Nylon and Interview magazine) created this dashing artistry for those who still view the world with dulcet eyes.

To start off, first apply a coat of clear base coat then paint each nail in a contrasting tone.  Paint a diagonal strip (with another hue) from the lower corner of your nail to the reversed side.  In this occasion, if your hand is not steady you may use tape to outline the design.  When the polish has been dried between coat, add a horizontal line on the tip.  Finish your nails with a glossy top coat and voila!  Dare to cary a reminiscent sight on your fingertips it, will be sure to generate an enchanting conversation.