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Noteworthy News: Marc Jacobs Cosmetic Collection

Launched on August 9th, is the very much anticipated (“boy tested, girl approved”) Marc Jacobs Cosmetic Collection. The line is already available in a Sephora near you or in the first ever Marc Jacobs’s beauty store on the 385 Bleecker St. in Manhattan.  First he baffles his fans with clothing, then lovely fragrances, and now with a line of cosmetics; these 16 fresh and vibrant products were beautifully imagined and elaborated just like everything this line creates. Ranging from: lip gel, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, to eye shadow, everything was meticulously thought of; starting from the fun and quirky names of each vivid shade of color, to their sleek black lacquer packaging.  Still new to the world of beauty, Marc Jacobs is applying his magical touch to each and every woman, or man, giving them a sleek and dazzling look.