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Street Style: Summer Rebel

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Sizzling weather beware!  When it comes to leather, there is no season where it remains out of style.  The easy rough chicness of it adds contrast to any delicate tendencies one has.  From skirts to the infamous little black jacket, leather is here to stay even when scorching weather attacks.

There is something about the iconic material that remains alluring.  While wearing such material provokes the mysterious atmosphere to come and frolic around, it also adds a touch of refinement (an element it is not usually linked to).  Designers see more to it that the overexposed biker jacket.  Infinite possibilities result from that invention by mingling it with dainty attributes.  Street stylers have been pairing midi leather skirts with another summer addiction: the über sporty crop top.  Leather has been staying in vogue during summer by adding a seductive layer to skin clad attire.  Go on and take a risk, chances are your chic coolness may cause you to be immune to the tropic heat.