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Style Tips: Dandy Remixed

By Francheska N. Quiñones

From day to day, menswear has been generating attention throughout the streets.  Not only are guys becoming more fashionable throughout the years, they have been dominating the mixed prints trend.  No more white tees and loose jeans, these men are all bout being chic and trendy with a dash of funky vibes.

What is more perfect than a printed denim buttoned shirt?  To not be cast off as dull, a patterned version of a staple is a hip way to freshen your closet.  In this case, the shirt should be all buttoned up and accessorized with a tie (preferably a hue deeper than the button up).  Over the shirt and tie combination put on a jazzy semi loose jumper to create a relaxed suaveness.  Pair this with a deep washed denim with the ends rolled up to frame the lace up boots and create a small two hue detail on the jean.  Embellish the look with a buckled leather belt and a medium band watch.  This fusion is the epitome of snazzy and sharp.  With prints, there are endless possibilities of mixing and matching outfits.  From clean lines to eccentric designs, they are sure to gather wandering eyes.