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Art Nook: Defaced by Jen Gotch

By Bianca Nieves

We normally presume that photographs capture the true essence of a moment, but when these square papers are revealed, the interpretation and the tangibility of the past occasion is left to be interpreted by the beholder.  Thanks to the California based photographer, Jen Gotch, the normal Polaroid ways have been Defaced” into two parts. Making us see another side of what lays behind these memory filled, instant still frames. In the first part of Defaced , Gotch does exactly that: she states the not-so-obvious by stating the obvious;  finding “excitement in the mundane.” The “torrid affair” that she has with her Polaroid camera makes us ponder over what we:  had or didn’t have, liked or didn’t like, felt or didn’t feel, plus what we saw or didn’t manage to see through the lense; in the brief moment when we pressed the capture button of the mechanism that will manage to freeze time, if just for a few seconds.