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BookLook: Clarisse, Fahrenheit 451

By Bianca Nieves

1. “Late night walks”Isabel Marant top;  Topshop overall; Report Signature flats 2. “Look at the signs”Miu Miu dress; Topshop boots 3.“Too fast, too soon”: Asos necklace; Isabel Marant sweater; Maison Martin Margiela skirt; Chloé boots.

What if we lived in a world where books are banned? We would, most likely, end up in one of the deep and indistinct corners of the internet.  There, all you would manage to find is: mindless entertainment without any backbone or sincere responsiveness. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

This sad, bookless world is what Ray Bradbury presents in the novel "FAHRENHEIT 451".  In this story, we have the opportunity to exchange a few mind opening conversations with Clarisse McClellan, one of the characters of this masterpiece.  Almost-17-year old McClellan prefers to question her surroundings and her peers, thinking beyond the blind fold that has been placed upon the world. Her character represents innocence, genuine interest and consciousness; in Clarisse's world she is the odd little duckling, but in our world, she would be defined as a trendsetter (if only before she tragically disappears…).