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Buscabulla: Sono

By Kaireen Quiñones
photo: Quique Cabanillas

Our newest musical addiction comes all the way from Brooklyn, New York! DJ and designer Raquel Berríos, a Puerto Rican native, released this past summer “Sono”, the brand new addition to her musical project Buscabulla. Musical influences fluctuate from “salsa” to those harmonious sounds that bands like Soda Stereo depicts. Berríos magnificently portrays a unique reinterpretation jam-packed with experimental-electronic music combined with delicate Caribbean sounds. Buscabulla is definitely a musical gem, worthy of keeping track!

Here we give you the music video for Sono, directed by Roy Delgado. This video features a journey through Caribbean images, combined with shadow play and several use of geometrical shapes.

Keep in touch with all of Buscabulla’s news by following her on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Also, don’t forget to check out her amazing “Sonosolar Mixtape” prepared for Coyote Negro’s website!