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Designer Day at Reinhold

Last Thursday September 19, Reinhold Jewelers hold its Designer annual Day at Plaza Las AmericasDuring the day, the assistants enjoy the presentation of talented new additions to the Reinhold family like: Peter Thum, Mateo Bijoux, Walt Adler Alison Lou and the new collection of Georg Spreng.

This amazing group of designers presented pieces, not only beautiful but also with history. Like Peter Thum’s and his prject Liberty United latest collection, its inspiration came from the conflicts in Africa transforming technological jewels designed metal arms and bullets into exquisite pieces.  As well, we had the opportunity of enjoying Mateo Bijoux’s newest creations.  Being in love with jewelry since adolescence his pieces represent that exploration always present in his raw textures geared to black magic. 

Another exciting designer is Walt Adler, who comes from a jeweler family in New Orleans. Adler founded his company Walt Adler Jewelry after working as design director for David Yurman. It took him thirteen years to achieve the perfect mix for developing amazing pieces that combine sculptural forms, which firm tribal patterns.
Likewise Alison Lou who presented her unique collection based on personal style and her love for fashion. Lou’s fine jewelry was presented through " Emoticons " that express different kind of feelings. "Using jewelry that express that I am and how I feel is important to me.  “When I got the idea of ​​using " emoticons " in my room, I thought I could create a visual language that exposed my feelings both fun and significant, "she said.

For its part, the design house of Georg Spreng, present his latest collection. Spreng has been noted for its beautiful jewelry lines simple and colorful gems developed by hand captivating the public of every house whole.