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Films We Love: A Lovely Melancholia

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Oh, how we yearn for that long lost quench of love.  Our every need seems to be tended when viewing a cinematic scene one’s reality needs.  Such feelings arouse the mind into conjuring translucent images with our very own characters.  Then again, with great love comes a decent dose of nostalgia.  This month we celebrate a selection of films whose romance warm the edges of our hearts then,  gently fill us up with a melodic arrangement of sorrows.  
Ever since Shakespeare gave an overdose of emotions to suffice our hunger for the foolish and young, an arrangement of films has kindled our desires.  An overwhelming love needs no words.  Like Crazy delivers just the right amount of emotion and literary attributes one generates in a relationship.  From the endless conversations to the lonesome sighs, it is written as the evolution of a whirlwind romance (given the fact it never had a script just written actions).  Its beauty lies within the enchanting score by Dustin O’Halloran.  Then, in those last seconds your heart seems to halt when struck with the most melancholic scene these eyes have seen: The silence and how its melody consumed them.

Nevertheless, the abundance of words can spark a long lasting impression.  When it comes to a novelist and his ever so chaotic vivid mind, he creates a perfect companion by immortalizing her with his words.  With a gentle smile Ruby Sparks can undress the hidden wall some build to keep ache away.  Her lightweight persona gives off a certain enchantment that can be mastered with a slight batting of the eyes.  When greed strikes, a quick change of the words and she is retransformed with new ideals.  The perfection of imperfection is infused within the locks of her ginger mane.  Whoever thought there was a story of more woe, than Juliet and her Romeo?  

Wildly inspired by the famous play, in comes a scientific and picturesque creation of forbidden love.  The wanting of what one cannot attain is the sole aspect of Upside Down.  The ideal representation of a pristine woman drenched in loves glow with the man society shall always reject.  The chemical exchange during a kiss creates an unbreakable devotion between a refused match.  

In life there comes a day where spontaneity domains while enriching a sudden longing of the unknown.  Time has no measure when spent with a handsome stranger.  To have one’s mind filled with images of another and never let them vanish was the connectable thread between the lovers in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  Slowly but surely their paths crossed once more leading to an end with Before Midnight.  Now, what was seen as a one day fling has turned into an endless vow. 
These films carry a melodic vision that lie between the subtle glances and the silent repartee.  For a simple unknown hello can be transformed into the words of a treasured lover, let these movies spark your own romantic adventure.