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Matte Nails: Fine Lines

By Francheska N. Quiñones  

The stroke of a single line creates such elegance in a fragment of seconds.  Its structural being forms a slight frame capturing the stillness that lies inside it. With art being nail's muse, this modernist appeal is a great accessory for your fall wardrobe.

Seasons ago Chanel models walked out with a light blush hue outlined by a metallic silver that made DIY (do it yourself) fanatics take the fad on a ride.  By changing its winter colors the trend has been adapted for any occasion.  From the outlandish to the sleek these nails will be fancied on the street.

Outlined nails have become admired by the minimalist society. The lovely lady behind Love-Aesthetic created an easy workable function for those who are on the go.  Start with a base coat to protect your nails. Now, grabbing the white lacquer, gently swipe the brush onto your nail.  Let it dry for a few minutes and add on a grayish color creating a slight space for the white outline to show.  If your hand is not steady enough for this manicure go backwards!  Place the grey shade onto your nails first and then, with a nail art pen or a fine tip brush, draw a minuscule outline along the borders of the nail.  Finish off with a matte top coat and Voilà! A simple line made posh.  Let its versatility challenge you to change up the colors and wear the hues that most resemble your indistinguishable charm.