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MATTEmatters: And now for something completely different

By Marcella Filomena

With all the hype and hysteria permeating NYFW and we, its humble satellites, living and breathing fashion for the past week or so; I figured it was time for a break.  How does one mention design in a post and not talk about Prabal Gurung, del Pozo, Thom Browne, or Altuzarra?  Easy! By taking a completely left-field approach. Let others wax lyrical about the best shows this season, the most breathtaking, the most pink- here at Matters, we refuse.  Instead, let’s go for the anti-fashion, the experimental, that which is so outside of regular parameters that it thumbs its nose at Fashion Week, so far ahead that fashionistas are still struggling to catch up. 

film - Okay, okay, so I know I just said that this would be anti-fashion- but this fashion film kind of is.  Almost every one I’ve seen has been pretentious, boring, self-indulgent and kinda shallow (for a really good spoof one that makes fun of all the conventions of the genre, see this).  However, She Said, She Said, for the Co Spring 2013 collection manages to actually make a film and feature clothing in a funny, entertaining, and yes, even endearing way.  It stars Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez as a pair of fine-looking lesbians (I swear, that pair ages like fine wine) in the middle of a divorce settlement.  Also keep a lookout for an Aubrey Plaza cameo and a hilarious carwash scene.

design - So let’s talk about Julie Waibel.  Though her day job as Art Director and brandbuilder for german sportswear brand Viovio is pretty sweet, her Entfaltung student collection is really where it’s at.  For her Master’s thesis in the Product Design Program at the Royal College of Art, Waibel found inspiration in Mary Poppins’ bottomless bag, from whence umbrellas, mirrors, hatstands and plants magically appeared.  Her three-piece collection is composed of an umbrella, bag and dress, all collapsible, like giant hive structures made of Tyvek, a lightweight water and tear proof synthetic paper.  The project is delightfully whimsical, making the ordinary act of pulling on a dress a feat of geometry and play.

music - FKA Twigs is an old favorite of the blog, but I insist on featuring her not only due to the undeniable coolness of her music- the latest track was produced by Arca of Kanye West fame – but because for some inexplicable reason, this girl still hasn’t kicked off.  She’s featured on blogs like Pitchfork and Gorilla vs. Bear, yet each time I mention her to someone, I’m treated to a blank stare.  Her latest video is amazing as always, and we finally get to see her face (albeit tweaked to alien kewpie doll perfection). Her new album just came out September 9th- so hurry off, kids, and buy buy buy- or at least watch her videos!

art - Lola Dupré makes the most amazing collages.  At first glance, her body-dysmorphic images would seem digitally enhanced- but as you keep on looking, falling through into her world of three-legged ladies and monstrously long arms, you slowly realize this is the work of paper, scissors and glue; no computers involved.  The multicultural illustrator makes enough on commissions and artworks to only have to consider commercial projects, lucky girl.  Not to take away in any shape or form from her undeniable talent to transform literally anything into funhouse, shop of horrors madness, over the course of anywhere between 20 and 50 hours.

item - I’ve always wanted a pet dragon.  Especially since seeing Roku’s spirit animal and the sheer epicness of that girl in Game of Thrones (I don’t really watch, please don’t fill my inbox with fanfiction, etc-).  So, I found a Russian company that’ll build you a small, pocket-sized, fully ball-jointed and utterly posable black, white or metallic dragon.  Now, if I only had a few hundred Euros to spend.