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Street Style: Sweater Weather

By Francheska N. Quiñones

The crisp breeze is the sole muse for a cozier cloth to be layered on loud collars or simply be the prominent piece of the day.  For it is a necessity to any style seeker, the sweater is the luxury version of your conventional t-shirt.

When it comes to touch, no hand will be able to resist a fleeting brush against that homely fabric.  Let it give a tender warmth to your silhouette as it makes any outfit into an effortless piece.  The versatility of themes it gives can range from the classic crew neck sweater to an oversized and slightly distressed version.  Pair it with skirts, shorts, dresses, trousers, or pair it with anything.  Sweater weather can give unlimited amounts of inspiration for you to choose how to exhibit your latest acquisition.   While New York Fashion Week is commencing, numerous savvy street stylers have opted for the chic sophistication of a witty jumper.  Let Fall leaves cause you to snug up to your favorite hot cocoa while remaining easygoing with an envious panache.