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Style Muse: Francesco Carrozzini

By Francheska N. Quiñones

There is a hidden elegance that exudes from a muted smile.  It is the delicacy of intricate thoughts hushed within the coolness of an undone buttoned shirt.  Some entice sight with lurid scenery on their fabric, whereas, a selected few let the clothes be a paltry accessory to their cosmopolitan persona.

Fabrics embrace our bodies with distinguishable silhouettes while, in retrospect, assimilate an individualized dainty facade.  The same can be spoken of simplicity; it is the purest wearable art that can be revamped into subtle suaveness.  One man has embraced the effortless methodology.  With his chiseled visage and tousled locks, photographer Francesco Carrozzini has subdued the language of nicety.  Son of storied Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief, Franca Sozzani; Francesco was brought up within the limelight of photographers such as Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Webber.  Having an au courant mother, this gentleman had already a vast knowledge of mode prior to the age of 20.  Francesco’s career hitched a fortunate ride while acquiring numerous amounts of campaigns.  As a masterful lens man, his shoots have graced the covers of New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, W, Italian Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue and POP.  Subsequently, he solely created “The New York Times Screen Tests” whose charm sparked an Emmy nomination. 

His inexplicable nonchalant style caused a certain fancy to a noted designer’s eye.  Time had fleeted onto a new era where the man behind the camera’s sophisticated allure had to be immortalized as the spokesman for Giorgio Armani’s Eau De Nuit.  Francesco has commingled the debonair that was Humphrey Bogart and the indistinctive sharpness of a modern Italian man.  With a liking for cufflinks and well-tailored suits, this uomo is as old fashioned as it gets.  

Fellas, carry the sultry gleam of the Mediterranean sun on your skin this September.  The ease of relaxed wear shall not overshadow your natural enchantment.