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Style Tips: Liquid Crimson

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Vinyl dreams move lightly in a melodic sashay.  This liquid enchanter generates an abundance of whispering voices praising its distinct style.  Whether it is a minimalistic detail or a full out glossy skirt, this lustful texture is the modernistic version of your hard edge leather skirt.

If dewy complexion is not eye grabbing enough, why not pair it with co-equal hues?  To put things in a quirky perspective start your outfit with a chanel-esque plaid jacket (with red being the prominent color).  Shoes can either make or break an outfit; nevertheless, with these sightseers will be instagraming your glistening shoe candy for days to come.  When it comes to the one hued trend if your items all range within the bold area, it is best to acquire one piece in a neutral tone.  This rose embroidered jumper is subtle with a raven backdrop yet delicately spirited with its “Girl” saying.  Now, onto the stunner, the prime aspect of this ensemble: the patent leather ruby skirt.  With its playful personality, it can charm any whose sight is locked to it. 

Once you go bold, you never go back.  Accessories make an important addition to any garment; they can either tone down the loudness or amp it up.  For this look, jewelry is kept to a minimalistic feel.  A small gold chain earring is the perfect pair for this lively look.  Since one “play on word” item is not enough, why not add a marquee clutch?  With a cinematic pizzazz, it gives lighthearted warmth to the sophistication of the plaid jacket.  Finish this getup with black sheer tights to balance a distinction between the red vibe both skirt and shoes give off.  Remember, it is all about proportions! 

As New York Fashion Week is coming to an end dress as if Bill Cunningham is there to snap your outfit of the day.  Be the lovely lady that stands out in a sea of monochrome lads.