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An Afternoon With… Héctor Omar

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Rummaging around hollow streets a slight illumination reached from the hazy sky.  Images of shadows crept throughout our way to the young designer's home as if their subtle allure carried us to an unknown track.  It wasn't until an energetic hand signaled us home and welcomed to his humble abode.

Héctor Omar carries a child-like glimmer in his eyes full of words with wonder.  Remaining with a rather timid tone, he invited me and the photographer to what was a slip into a sultry fantasy.  Textiles of mesh and overpowering sequins screamed my attention.  I quickly headed towards a hushed blue mesh skirt that carried the relaxed element of sportswear.  Creating a statement for this Spring/Summer season, he opted for wearable pieces for the day-to-day woman.  "I wanted to make this collection not about the lavish pieces many designers are bound to make but about what their customers would wear on a normal day", expressed Héctor Omar.  Not leaving men behind, he renewed what was the overused athletic clothes into chic everyday wear.  Wanting to speak throughout his clothes, his detail-oriented pieces are his arts and crafts pieces turned into motion.  Creating wearable separates, every distinct detail, all were created by his gentle hands.  Watching him sew sparked this serenity that swimmingly instilled the surroundings. 

The garments were made for any toxic siren on the go.  With his inspirations coming from the lovable underwater creatures, he went with the rich sea hues: the gentle washed blue, vivid blushed coral, deep raven mystique and the crisp white froth.  Héctor Omar keeps sewing away even when talked to; it may be seen as his therapeutic bubble where his fantasy lives on.  His smile after every answered question is nothing but contagious.  "I want women to feel sexy, to be looked at in admiration. I create clothes that may be for mothers to wear and for daughters to covet or vice versa.  This for me is my home, right here on this chair sewing my heart away."  This new generation designer is bound to leave people murmuring and gossiping when the vivid looks stomp the runway.

Tonight Friday, October 25th, 2013, Hector Omar will present his new collection 'LORELEY S14' in Puerto Rico High Fashion Week (PRHFW) at the Museum of Puerto Rico (MAPR). 

Photos by Pedro A. Burgos