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An Afternoon With... Olivia Boutique

By Francheska N. Quiñones

There shall be days where it is needed to be submerged in luxury. The sumptuous consciousness of wining and confabulation fashions an unwinding experience.  With its unique local and spectacular design Olivia Boutique has fabulously reopened its doors for all trendies to rave about.

With an outgoing appeal, Condado serves as a lovely getaway and home for Olivia Boutique.  With grand windows and seasonal displays, glimpses of subdued charm are let out for wandering beholders.  A glorified welcome was given when entering the posh venue, servers with effervescent champagne and delectable treats traversed the area while owners María and Consuelo Santiago greeted with endearing smiles.  During the time that various guests rummaged around the desirable assortment of designer goods, others came across to pamper themselves in a bijou Lancôme Paris beauty parlor. 

The structured coloration of clothing exhibited in perfectly placed sections set an even chicer and sleeker vibe.  “Since we had such a good turnout with our smaller version of the boutique, we decided to expand and bring in more designers and combine sophistication with the hip and trendy,” exclaimed Consuelo Santiago.  “Since it is a mother and daughter team we listen to each other's taste in fashion very carefully and incorporate it into what is Olivia.”  The versatility of style is seen within these two ladies; while Consuelo is seen as more ladylike and sophisticated (think Olivia Palermo), her daughter, María Consuelo is rather more into the trendiness of it (think Miroslava Duma).  Their differences are also seen within the functions of the boutique.  “I tend to lean more towards the buying of the clothes and searching for what is fresh and now, and my mother can be seen handling the administrative aspect of it.  I consult everything with her and our personalities get along superbly,” uttered María. 

The mother and daughter duo have everything thought out in a remarkable manner.  With a styling and delivery service they make themselves stand out from other boutiques.  “I send e-mails with trends that are coming to the boutique and interact with our customers whether it is 4 o’clock in the morning or late at night,” exclaimed María.  With making themselves interactive with their clients they emit such a lively persona.  “I like making clients step out of their comfort zone, to let them see the potential they have and make them leave with a worldly view of it all,” said Consuelo.  The Olivia girl carries herself in sophistication with an eclectic unpredictability. The same can be said about her dazzling creators.