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Art Nook: Mondo Bizarro Pre-Opening

By Bianca Nieves

Where the Juan Ponce de León Avenue and the Paseo De Diego corner meet, Río Piedras welcomes Mondo Bizarro: a special nook for art and comics.

For their pre-opening on October 27th, its locations white walls were plastered with Paracosm’s comics by Rosa Colón and Carla Rodríguez. Yet, once you’d entered, before fully admiring the fun and quirky surroundings, you’re eyes and taste buds feasted upon yummy bite sized cupcakes that were perfect to introduce the store’s mood.

The pink, baby blue, yellow-ish aura of this first exhibition, Soda Pop Comics, simulated perfectly how a story can be told through the elaborated fusion of art and comics.  

As you swooned past each work of art, the tune the DJ was playing was suitable background music to make the characters come to life. The combination of lively beats and the witty artistry won over the hearts of every spectator in the location; demonstrating that what would be biased as dainty comics made by girls, can appeal to everyone.

With such an excellent vision, Mondo Bizarro is far from bizarre, and isn’t planning on becoming the oddball of the art scene any time soon. In each forthcoming event, they will present a new artist whose creations will display the underrated value of comics.

So, be sure to stay informed about the diverse world of Mondo Bizarro!