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Blogs We Love: I Am Galla

By Francheska N. Quiñones

In the midst of monochromatic architecture walks in this subdued cool cat with tailored slacks stepping to his own jazzy tune.  Creating a chamelionesque esthetic, he reinvents himself every morning | every night.  New York City serves as his personal jungle while accessorizing with the clash of nationalities as his inspiration.  Adam Gallagher carries a smooth enchantment with the help of his rather rugged dapper image. 

It is undeniable not to be spellbound by Adam’s striking visage.  With such classic grooming qualities he is the pinnacle of what a clean cut 1950s/1960s man would be in a century full of skinny jean, oversized sweatshirt, and chain wearing boys.  His individuality comes from the wide range of coloration found in his garments in which are styled and placed on his blog I Am Galla (coming from his last name Gallagher).  Turning to editorials for street style inspirations, he is never without a hair out of place.  Notwithstanding the fact elegance is always in the picture, he opts for beanies and the classic tees for an unbuttoned weekend look. 
His California tan is the visual remembrance of his hometown while his spiffy outfits generate that midnight stroll of New York.  The clothes have their own song to sing, with lustful colors and outré prints sound off his curious peculiarity.  Such spirit of inquiry made Details Magazine and Gucci take a snappy interest in him.  He is loyal to the type of style he stands by (as I would call it): The Weekend Dandy (n.) A man who dresses in a dapper manner while maintaining an effortless flair. 
More than a well-dressed man he is a lover of the world.  As a self-made traveler, he depicts the minds of the cultured and the arts.  The mood for his day-to-day wear adapts to the whimsical feels of the skyscraper adorned city.  Adam Gallagher instills sophistication in a currently (and hopefully soon to be demised) soft grunge society.  May The Weekend Dandy spruce up the hidden debonair in you, Matte fellas!