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BookLook: Marina, Carlos Ruiz Zafón

By Bianca Nieves

1. Clockwork Coincidence: Tela dress; Asos ballet flats. 2. A shift towards the cryptic and obscure: Cynthia Rowley top; Abel and Zimmerman necklace  W Street pants; 3. Not just another train station farewell:  Topshop top; Coast Meslita skirt; Chloé pumps.

“In a Barcelona that no longer exists”, two parallel stories merge into one stirring ending.  Thanks to his adventurous nature and coincidence, Óscar and Marina meet and together they plunge themselves in a whirlwind of dismantled bodied secrets and overpowering truths.  What commenced with afternoons talks, took a sudden turn towards the dark mysterious nights through the forgotten, foul streets of Barcelona.  Marina with her gray eyes took in every detail and while always remaining her soothing and witty self, she created a perfect façade to maintain Oscar’s and her father’s well-being intact.  But as this, straight out of horror movie situation, was temporary, Marina’s health was fleeting and her illness was there to stay. Some say her actions were hard-headed and selfish. Others say she acted out of love and empathy. What we know for sure is that Marina has a way of capturing your heart, just as she did with Óscar and her father, and you can understand why she was placed in a pedestal through the eyes of her loved ones.  Now, she graces side by side her mother, and you’ll be sure to find Óscar in “one of the last magical places in the world, a train station.”