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FAD III (2013) Pt.2

By Hildelisa Díaz

Once again, Galería Nacional brings together the best of local design under one roof. On it's third edition, FAD (Arts and Design Fair) united jewelry, fashion, industrial and graphic design with many painters, sculptors and culinary artist. A quick look around the patio and the abundance of creativity was evident, not only in quantity but also in quality and variety.

The accessories line, No Tire reusa, seemed to be telling a story on his booth, with a variety of accessories that went from brains and hearts to cats and mice. In case you've missed it, No Tire reusa, has an eco-friendly approach to design. Jesús Gomez, creator and designer, reuses parts of old tires and transforms them into functional and wearable pieces of art. Another eco minded proposal at the fair came from SantDiversé, a unique and fun way to make plants part of your art collection while keeping it green. They give a whole new meaning to the term live art.

Another interesting proposal came from graphic designer Michelle Gratacós. Her concept Espacio Común centers on the idea of the rescue and restoration of chairs, to later be placed in the balconies of the historic community of El Falansterio. With this project, Michelle wants to recreate a sense of community that is so often forgotten. Next to them, we found Constructo; a design group form by Oscar Ramos and Javier Olmeda. With their design and build work format, they are able to offer their costumers a wide array of creations, furniture, sculptures, installations and many more. Their work included carved wood and concrete. 

Another amazing showing came from Javier Camayd; his carved lamps looked more like pieces of art than actual home furnishings. It was evident they were created with close attention to detail and design aesthetics.

Meanwhile Área, showed us a preview of one of their new projects, "Epitelio". Spanish for Epithelium, the project unites three women artist, Giovanna Rodriguez, Lelia Mattina and Karen Net and their interpretations of this deeper tissue into pieces of art using a diversity of techniques.

As always, FAD manages to gather a great array of local talent under the same roof with amazing results.