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FAD III (2013)

By Bianca Nieves

Last month, over 50 designers and artists presented their raw and cunning talent in the third edition of the FAD (Fería de Arte y Diseño), in “La Galería Nacional” at Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Whether you were expecting savory cuisine, lovely handmade clothing and/or jewelry, curious creations, witty furniture, intriguing art pieces, and/or even inspiration for your wardrobe, FAD was the place to be. This year, the three day event did a splendid job in fusing two different vibes; both visually pleasing, and family friendly.

While the gallery's inner patio had a more restless feel, once you entered the “Feria de Universidades” exposition, you beheld the hard work of striving fashion design students because as soon as you stepped foot in the room their ideas and dreams came to life. (That and the air conditioning was definitely a plus, considering the unbearable heat.That being said, you can imagine the numerous creations coming from various universities around Puerto Rico. To mention a few: “La Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Arquictectura” with their eco-friendly inspired pieces, “La Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico” with a variation of textile oriented creations, and even Japanese anime-esque sketches from “La Católica”.  Such inventive expositions emphasize the potential of our local designers that are truly devoted to what they do.  

Another show stopper in the expo was: FABLAB’s little nook. Have you ever wanted to create your own little toy or knick-knack, so it would turn out just how you desired? Look no further!  FABLAB presented übber cool machines that can make prototypes of your wildest, materialistic dreams or intricate designs on the surface of your choice. What’s truly magnificent is that you don’t have to be a designer to use such a mechanism; it’s open to the public at the “Universidad del Turabo”

Just like the expo, we were lucky to attend Carlos Babonis presentation about the globalization of Puerto Rican design (“Globalización del diseño puertorriqueño.”). Thanks to Babonis’ demonstration we learned that just as Marc Newson said: “Design is truly an international business.” Puerto Rico is slowly gaining superb recognition in this field. Presenting Design Puerto Rico’s work, next to our Latin American brethren and the top countries in this area, at the Wanted Design fair in NYC.  There they showed that this island has conquered the first step of this globalization project. They must create consciousness locally to show that the opportunities in the Puerto Rican design industry are endless.

Whether you are aiming to be a designer, a supporter, or a spectator, it is gratifying to know there are a lot of talented people making a difference in the creative fields. SO, if you missed this year’s FAD make sure you go to the next one