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Fashion Season Recap: MFW - PFW S'14

By Bianca Nieves

Milan Fashion Week: For the third week of this upscale month, everybody’s eyes regard another fashion capitol: Milan.

Refining the 90’s look, Jil Sander reworked your basic wardrobe to its barest essentials; making everything that would have seemed outdated three week ago, very crisp and clean. Especially, transforming the pantsuit to a cropped midi length look.

By the end of the show the polka dot statement was clearly absorbed, but it was all tastefully displayed. There is nothing forced about this collection, every piece is completely effortless and serene;  even the pompom shoes.

Composed mainly of exquisite lace ball gowns immersed with frosted florals, Bluemarine showed with its intricate detailing: the elegant side of sheer.

The white, red and gold palette of Sicily is confirmed to be the source of inspiration for all of D&G’s latest collections, but who’s complaining? What seemed to simulate a luxurious roman army, marched delicately among the runway and dazed its spectators, yet again.

This year with Fausto’s SS’14 collection, palm trees clashed perfectly with intricate embellishments and leather motto-jackets. Every outfit was the perfect example of spring disguising itself as fall and winter disguising itself as summer.

Paris Fashion Week: What better way to fall blissfully in love with spring/summer than by ending the fashion season in Paris. The renowned city of lights and of love has grasped our hearts, closed them in a lock and placed said lock in a bridge in Paris, bewitching us forever. Oh Paris, tu est très magnifique!

Alexander Wang has done it again, constructing a lovely bridge between his sporty chic tendencies and Balenciaga’s femininity.  The collection consisted mainly of outfits covered in soft gray hues and gentle styling. Not to mention, the weaved leather in some pieces that radiated pure confidence.

One of our all-time favorites, Chloé, didn’t disappoint.  Portraying its well-known sophisticated tomboy, true Parisian looks one after another. There’s just something so elegant and inviting about effortless looks such as these.

Elie Saab always manages to portray the essence of femininity through his luscious gowns. For this SS’14 collection what seemed to inspire the color palette of this designer was the ever so delightful: Parisian macaroons. Salmon pinks, Pistachio greens and dark chocolate blacks and so on. It’s hard to grasp your mind around the fact that this collection is RTW with such detail oriented, faultless dresses.

The runway commenced with shorter lengthen ensembles and then proceeded to longer lengths, yet no matter which one caught your eye, the whole collection was structured perfection  worthy of daydreaming for all of it to appear in your closet.
P.S. Be sure to see more inside the mind of this grandiose designer in his latest book!

After admiring this collection: who doesn’t want a second layer of skin made out of fine embroidery? Valentino showed lavishing gowns decked with deep, rich colors palettes; successfully presenting couture worthy, roman/bohemian looks.

Now that we have finished our recap, be sure to expand your entire wardrobe recalling that you have numerous options for this forthcoming season. From pairing midriffs with flowy, midi skirts and boxy 90’s inspired blazers, to going all out in printed patterns blending perfectly everything monochromatic with the more vibrant and pale palettes. Spring/Summer is the season where looking crisp and fresh is a must, and by inspiring your personal style with our favorite fashion season picks you’ll be sure to stride confidently and gracefully through these months.