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Fashion Season Recap: NYFW - LFW S'14

By Bianca Nieves

It seems that the fashion gods and goddesses have taken Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele’s: “Style has no seasons.” quote to heart, and greatly influenced every designer that presented their SS’14 collection this season. The spring/summer garden, of soft, pastel floral pallets, adorned with neutrals and nautical stripes, welcomes its contrasting and intense cousin: the color black, and all his monochromatic shades. The usual tendencies of this bright season have been beautifully interlaced with falls gloomy hues. In which, the safe-zoned garden has now expanded itself into a vast field of endless possibilities. Don’t fret though, even if the season’s roles seemed to be inverted the designers, whilst delightfully exploring their inventiveness, have managed to guide spring and summer into full bloom.

New York Fashion Week: the show starter; the week where the bar is raised for the entire world to see what to expect in the forthcoming season. The big apple hosts this event with all the passion and multicultural vivacity this city transmits. No coincidence when we see this exact liveliness in our favorite SS’14 collections:

For the second time at NYFW, Noon by Noor, struts down the runway their graceful, yet playful collection. This brand managed to swiftly gain our immediate attention with such flowing and flattering silhouettes. All by granting a luxurious, qualitative edge in combining various crop tops with intricate embellished maxi skirts and pastel, printed perfections with leather garments.

Alice + Olivia took RTW to a whole different level. Every outfit of this collection screams: preppy meets pretty;  all while staying true to their signature cocktail dress- esque look. Leather pleats, pastel separates, ripped jeans paired with embelished sweaters. Everything radiates a go-to feminine look that we simply adore.  

This year Derek Lam let his shapes and fabrics do most of the talking. Igniting an exquisite ging-gang conversation with the collections refreshed proportions and quirky, slightly, monochromatic twists.

New York first timer (after always showing in London), Sass & Bide, bestowed luscious, sheer overskirts and changed the fresh spring/summer elements by mixing asymmetrical wraps over tailored pants.  Such detailed oriented textiles where to die for and gave a whole new meaning to the maxi-look.

What seemed to be a collection influenced by Japanese kimonos, took a sudden shift with each piece that appeared down the runway. As each model appeared and disappeared, they left us feeling like dust that covered the runway: in complete lightness of being, because after seeing such lovely pieces with hints of bright blues and scorching yellows anybody would feel light-headed.

London Fashion Week: Known to be the most innovative fashion week, this year it surely kept its reputation. In these seven days, there was no time to sit and drink your afternoon tea. This time around, the uptight royalty tendencies gladly shook hands with their inner punk-rebels and agreed to present a dashing happy-medium.

Even though we saw Emilia Wickstead’s usual ladylike tailoring down the catwalk, she broke out her safety zone and added bold striped pieces to her collection.  Such mixture of neat and clean cut lines with more subtle and sharp palettes was incredibly wicked of her part.

This year, Erdem gave florals an almost-couture, monochrome moment, completely worthy of ooh-ing and aah-ing. The entire collection was utterly breathtaking, with a slight hint of nostalgia.

In Mobilus, contradicting aspects took the runway: a great mix of color blocking, and abstract patterns made every piece feel fresh and different; whilst youthfulness clashed with maturity in every outfit. But, who’s complaining about the mixture of pink hues with more obscure ones?

As Hill parts from Mulberry all that is left are tough shoes to replace a very sweet and very English brand. In this SS’14 collection, country met up with the city life and sporty, embroider outfits came to life.

Typical Holland collection: bright colors, full skirted dresses and loads of prints, but what was a deal breaker was the presentation. The runway was covered in the cloud pattern that some of the collection pieces compromised. Accurately named, Homegirls, the show turned out to be both tough and feminine, and had something for every style preference.