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Films We Love: Deadly Intentions

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Temptations run amok hollow trails leaving a sense of coveted desires within hands reach.  The moon bewilders us with her faint flow leading a path to consciousness and divinity, whereas for some, it is the light that ignites their horrid feelings.  The longing quench of mayhem pleasures those creatures that belong to obscurity.  From a psychotic stalker to audacious vampires, these movies are sure to satisfy the uncanny enticement that is All Hallows Eve.

The mind of the young is rather filled with visions of innocence.  With an untamed imagination, their ability to portray different realms of actuality comes as an easy task.  When vividness takes a turn some minds relay on the sinister to create satisfaction.  In Halloween, six year old Michael Myers butchers his older sister out of pure childlike transformed what was his older sister into a bloody corpse.  His deviant mind conjured a liking to high school student.  The obsessive following became a horrid feel towards Laurie Strode.  With a slasher motif, screams will be assured when he appears.

Dreams often leave one in a leisure state.  The raven eyed sky bewitches uncontrollable thoughts to let in a poisonous elixir into one's dreams.  For Rosemary Woodhouse to feel as if she became violated in a demonic way, some may believe it is all mind and never would be seen in reality.  Then a mysterious birth of an unknown child that is her owns is said to be the spawn of the demon itself, it is only but a dream people would say.  Would vivid images be the illusions of a crazed up mind or is all that is seen be the consequence of an overactive mentality?  Then again in Rosemary’s Baby, dreams can become reality. 

Noised presences stir up problematic scenery.  With the unknown being the sole cause of horrific events, it is even more terrifying not knowing what one is up against.  Emitting fear with its subtlety, The Poltergeist lures in wanted life force into realms of uncertainty.  Ripping apart what is not for it to keep, it takes away a young girl creating havoc in a monotonous family.

Why is it one is attracted to danger?  With its mystical deep sight and sultry voice, it invites us in to a world of everlasting adventure.  Dressed in leather and ready to give a scream, The Lost Boys are certainly hell on wheels.  Riding in their signature motorcycles they invite the young and restless to take a dive into eternity.