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Los Muros Hablan

By Bianca Nieves

They say that words have the power to change the world, but when we mix our voices with art: a whole new form of expression comes to life. And we have a name for it: LOS MUROS HABLAN.

Last year, a multicultural conversation began between Santurce and some of its abandoned walls. This year, from October 3rd to October 13th, gallons of paint, paintbrushes, ladders and paint rollers were once again the chosen weapons for over sixteen artists, who extended their visionary imagination all the way from Santurce to Río Piedras. The gloomy weather that arouse that week couldn’t prevent the walls of our city from becoming canvasses of such a striking movement, for a second year in a row.

The selected battlefield for: Faith47, JAZ, Liqen, Poteleche, Larrequi, Omar Velázquez, Juan Salgado, Connor Harrington and The Stencil Network was Río Piedras, whilst Santurce was the home-base for: INTI, Axel Void, and Daleast.  No matter the distance or the styles of these invited/local artists, their art was united by invisible strings where the conversation vibrated and fluctuated in each end. It was truly extraordinary how these murals came to life and developed their voices. The harmony that was conceived through their artistry and the city was truly awe-inspiring.

Not only did the invited artists give their all for this activity, but thanks to El plenty of local upcoming artists pitched in their say about all of the commotion. Colectivo Basta., Colectivo Moriviví, Franco Frontera, Saki, Ask, Nota, El Coca, Jpeg & more, took over Río Piedras; complementing such a character filled town with their creations.

Now that LOS MUROS HABLAN is over, the conversation hasn’t died out. While you stroll through the streets of our city you can hear it whispering in hushed tones to keep this exchange alive. The walls are anxiously waiting what the forthcoming year will bring, to join this intricate conversation.