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Stella Nolasco 'Eye Candy' S'14

By Francheska N. Quiñones

There exists a grandiose space where chandeliers and only the finest champagne rosé are served. Elegantly dressed guests conversed of the Gogui Foundation while clinking their glass into a "cheers" celebration.  An ambiance to frame a pleasurable story that was soon to be told came adorned by the architectural charm of the Hotel San Juan.
Sugar coated dreams were instilled onto French textiles whilst an arrangement of hues ranging from delicate blushing rock candy to the raven chroma of licorice made up her S '14 collection "Eye Candy". From intricate jumpsuits, sculptural gowns and embroidered skirts, the delectable palate of creations generate a call for childhood nostalgia.  Eyes are presented with an arousing haze of dulcet smiles when being witnessed with such memorable pieces of garments.

Succulent lips were all the rage on the catwalk; models carried a sprinkled kiss as the embellished accessory to their garments.  As for the hair, all was kept simple and pristine with sleek locks swaying with the models’ walk.  Adorable sportswear caps with metal sayings and a fun-sized petit side bag spiced up the already sweetened looks.  If the sprinkled lips weren't enough, a pink cloud of cotton candy opted as the icing on the cake when a blush gown walked down while entertainment took the form of a young girl parading through the ivory carpet showing her rhythmic gymnastics moves.  
The subtle tone of the ballroom gave an eye catching contrast to the various hues that came stomping in pairs.  A standing ovation was given when Denise Quiñones, Miss Universe 2001 appeared in a glimmering black dress.  Creating an empowered feel to the softness that is instilled in the air, Applause by Lady Gaga was the anthem for the closing sashay.  The girls assorted themselves throughout the pale carpeting and in union strutted the Candy Crush inspired clothing.    

Stella Nolasco graced us with a glamorous ending of a flavorful banquet of pastel exquisiteness for the commencement of an ever so sweet fashion season.  

Photos by Pedro Burgos