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Art Nook: “De la muerte a la vida”

By Bianca Nieves

The only thing we have for certain in this mad world of ours is that death is patiently waiting to greet us into its arms at any given moment. Yet, in the meanwhile we continue our mundane lives in search for answers to questions that seem to be incomprehensible.  Luckily, we see beyond this phenomenon and our desires to live and embrace our losses surpass grief and create a new form of life through different extents. Take “el día de los muertos” for example, a beloved Mexican tradition that captivates our respect for the deceased.

A few weeks ago, the Flight Cult collective took a hold of these South American traditions, and decided to pay homages to those who have inspired them greatly, by doing what they do best: painting, photographing and creating.

“De la muerte a la vida” wasn’t your typical día de los muertos art exhibition, filled with the clichéd flower crowns and skull paintings. Carla Dávila, Jeffrey Díaz ‘Ask”, Hernán ‘Nota” Ayala, Rivera Fabián, Alejandro ‘Saki’ Sacarello, Franco Frontera, Gabriel ‘Gloso” Nieto, Gabriel Rodríguez,  Mort, Kare Carrasquillo, Alexandra García, José Arrigotia and “Perro Muerto”  took their talent and molded this holiday into their favored forms of expression. 

From lucha libre masks in bodies of unknown matter, to captivating photography of pale feet being caressed by blue veins, to two sides of a same person, not your average demons, and even live spoken word performance. Needless to say that, these two days where jam packed with a new way of witnessing life being born through death.