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Art Nook: “Snow” by Tokujin Yoshioka.

By Bianca Nieves

The time when cold breezes greet you with a light kiss on your nose, is just around the corner. A time where you contemplate how your surroundings will affect you when nostalgia comes and pays a visit. Now, close your eyes and imagine you’re inside a whirlwind of memories, a snowstorm, but when you define your senses you notice that light feathers are what are caressing your skin. In 2010, Tokujin Yoshioka created a 15-meter-wide installation that consists of a wondrous scene of hundreds of feathers blowing gracefully throughout the whole space. Such creation is meant to awaken its viewer’s sensory perception, and make them ponder what nature really means to them. Being taken aback by Mother Nature’s ways is always a good way to get inspired and reminisce on the sheer loveliness that surrounds us.