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BookLook: Liesel, The Book Thief

By Bianca Nieves

Discovering the wonders of Heaven Street: 1. Mulberry Oxblood cape, Oscar de la Renta tweed dress, Cole Haan riding boots.  2. The Book Thief: Miu Miu tartan dress, Saint Laurent Paris Cape, Sergio Rossi boots. 3. She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it: Valentino tapestry-lace dress, Rachel Comey Bolt loafers, Stella McCartney cap.

With The Book Thief, Mark Zusak has proved himself to be an artist of words.

In 1939 Germany, the lively- humored voice of a decloaked death waltzes us through the soul wrenching story of Liesel Meminger, an orphaned World War II child. Amongst this perilous time, Heaven St. will become the route where Liesel will learn to read and treasure books, just as much as she learns to love and be loved by: the accordion man, the lemon colored hair boy, and the Standover man. 

Yet the pale skies upon her foreshadow that she must also learn to lose what she has come to cherish, and give kisses that were overdue, because “the only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you”’.  Whether it’s by words written over basements walls, stories painted over pages of Mein Kampf, being called “Saumensch”, or tales told to hold on to hope; the richness of these characters' lives cannot, and will not, fail to enamour you. At the end of the book, between the thickness of dust and rubble, the book thief manages to steal one last thing: our broken hearts.