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Diana Vázquez 'Annie' S’14

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Ingenuity wanders in from subtlety.  The extravagant wanting from the eyes of creativity gathers in many elaborate upbringings.  It is the freshness of doing much without doing nothing at all that reels in the attraction from the human form.  With a new modus operandi (creating the contrast between lack of color while generating a new wave of muted avant-garde designs) Diana Vázquez was set to bask in the lustrous light on Puerto Rico High Fashion Week.

There was a distinct naturalness in the way Annie ss’14 was presented, as if the models carried the same graceful poise the clothes embodied.  It was an assemblage made to float lightly with the gentle wind; the garments’ outline possessed areas of billowed structure.  Distinct dresses began to intertwine the body with a corset beginning giving a clean lined curve of a lady’s frame.  Tinges of the ever so elegant black and white were paired with the suaveness of a slight champagne hue.  The inclination toward these tranquil colors made the spectating eye focus on the construction and artistry of the garments.  As a layered on fabric voluminous tea-length skirt floated along the runway, an orchestrated applause took over the crowd.  Diana Vázquez’s collection ranged from brilliant jumpsuits, lingerie style dresses, puffed end sleeves as well as closing with a fusion dress (bringing in the elements of the experimental and simplicity).

Puerto Rico High Fashion Week was overwhelmed by a deluge of eager designers with hopes of standing out from the residue.  For that to be said, Diana Vázquez’s soft opulent elegance appointed her as the designer for the new dashing generation.      

Images by Pedro Burgos