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Ecliptica "Paradis" S'14

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Deep within a hidden chamber laid masterful dimmed beauties. Their graciously kept subtlety was surrounded by prestigious framed paintings.  A quiet seduction exuded within the spectators, champagne in hand and a utopia essence were the key milieu of this social scene.  The opulent locality (The Art Museum of Puerto Rico) instilled the essence of a blank canvass to be embraced with beauteousness. Ecliptica’s SS’14 Paradis, would be soon to walk in beauty throughout the mystical haze.
Embroidered dreams of breaking free gave a bird’s eye vista of Michelle and Norein’s artistry behind their spring collection.  With their nucleus of lace and transparency, Ecliptica gave onlookers a new vow for spring that does not include the timeworn floral operandi.  Illusions of cut out hems and floating textiles charmed the audience’s visual palate. Tinges of pureness took a dive in cerulean waters whilst others opted for natural elements such as a blazing crimson and greenwood hues. A kaleidoscopic print of idyllic visions walked in a playful small-scale dress.

For this was not the usual runway with one awe generating expressions, but one of two celebrated creations. Blushing brides swayed in a delightful stroll of what were exceptional wedding dresses.  The softness of the creations complemented the innovative view of an à la mode bride.  Beaded lines flowed in lineal droplets creating a play on the clarity of some garments. Floating trains were situated on cropped tops creating a new take on the traditional ensemble. The ripple movement of these fabrics gave a serene feel to a glamorous adorned dress. 
It is said that Alberto Torres (jewelry designer) upstaged himself with his new collection; those who said it were word-perfect. Lustrous birds caressed the models silhouette, cinching their waist and opting as necklaces.  With his nurturing creatures and earth stones, the new collection blended blissfully with Ecliptica’s radiant paradise.

Michelle and Norein Otero enriched us with a bewildering Spring spectacle.  Walking hand in hand their smiles expressed what words could not.  As for this upcoming season, eyes cannot await what magisterial exquisiteness they conjure up next.

Images by Pedro A. Burgos