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By Bianca Nieves

For this fall ’13 season, feel free to explore all your styling fancies. Whether you lean towards a more mid-century vibe, consider reinventing the classic coat or have an urge to channel your inner punk rebel, trust us when we say: there’s a trend for you.

When it comes to the color pallet for these months, don’t settle solely on dark tones for your outerwear. Coats and blazers alike have been submerged into a whirlwind of pastel prettiness, quirky prints, and menswear is ever so present in the structure of these garments. Beneath such cozy pieces, be sure to flick through your history books, because mid-century, pint-sized waist midi skirts and blouses are the perfect choice to fend off the blusterous winds. Especially if you strut your way down the busy streets in thigh high boots that sing out British tones, because this time around the higher your boots the better. However, if you choose to tame the tartan punk rebel, feel free to embrace your winter white’s and décor your outfit with garments decked in such a sophisticated color.  Amongst all these trends, there’s an evident invitation for styling creativity. Just be sure to top every outfit with a trace of sporty when you choose from messenger boy headwear to tomboy-esque caps.

This time around, there’s no time to look like the typical seasonal cookie cutter. Go ahead delve into the wondrous world of layering and…

1.     Mango blazer / Saint Laurent trousers
2.     Balmain thigh high boots / Poste Mistress shoes
3.     Alexander McQueen clutch
4.     Prada coat
5.     Miu Miu tartan sweater
6.     UNIQLO turtle neck sweater
7.     Celine midi skirt
8.     DKNY cap
9.     Miu Miu blazer & skirt
10.  Haider Ackermann coat