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Luis Antonio "Rockoco" S'14

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Evanescent footsteps walked amok a teeming self-made bazaar creating thunderous tunes among the halls of the Caribe Hilton Hotel.  Voices interchanging novel hellos and fleeting goodbyes silenced as one by one got assorted to their seats.  The ballroom, by its own, was grandly luxurious and in its delicacy adorned with simplistic floral entwined hollowed globes.  A sudden spark of luminosity spoke of soft hued garments channeling what seemed to be with sewn with historical aspect along with a mantled layering of an abundance of glamour.

Detailed structured ornaments elaborate the profile of Luis Antonio’s S/S ’14 Rockoco.  With a gallivant passage of coloration, the theme instilled within the collection was a bounteous servitude of “I want it all.”  An array of tendencies from baby blue tones, lilac dreams, neon metals, paisley brocades, to the designer’s emblem of classic black and nude lace.  Inculcated in his refreshed collection was a distinct take on pairing, adapting it to the refashioned generation, a lovely lady walked out in a paired brocade crop top and midi skirt.  As Luis Antonio’s designs exude sophistication, he expanded from what is the trendy gal to the modern socialite.

The lavish exaggeration of more lies in the name of the much anticipated collection, Rockoco.  Being molded with a slight distinction of the Baroque movement with dewy hues and intricate tapestry, his collection was titivated by the likes of petite crowns, diverse hair pins and the stacking of neck jewels.  It was a narrative of both boy and girl as males modeled subdued T-shirts and white ink blotted dress shirts. 
 A staged maze was conducted by the designer’s muse, Ann La Place.  Closing in as a vision in contrasting tinges, the show came to an end when Luis Antonio stepped out of an automobile making a posh depart.  This season, the renovation of the classic brand has stepped out of conformity into a luxuriant epoch; for it on its own is a masterful tale of the arts.  
Images by © J. Perez-Mesa




Behind the Scenes images by MATTE MAG TEAM