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Reinhold: Jemma Wynne

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Within instilled paintings there laid such glamor in refined clarity that in its obscurity their glimmer was never faint.  Illumination became the celebrated gem’s friend, as their shine attracted wandering movement around the crystal confinement.  As a delicate finesse emanated from the various pallet of gems, what is considered as art became fused with a distinct recherché only Stephanie Wynne and Jenny Klatt could devise.  A sparkling synthesis ignited what is Jemma Wynne to the cobblestone avenues of Old San Juan.

Unification became the grand theme as Casa Cortés served a moveable feast of their palatable chocolate meld menu.  The renowned jewelry store Reinhold Jewelers held the dear event giving an atmospheric intimacy to the canvass ornate gallery.  Jemma Wynne’s whispered enchantment was carried in various forms of jewelry.  From dangling earrings, delicate bracelets, rich rings and sensual necklaces, each of the selected gems in the collection effortlessly adapted to a distinct magnetism.  The jewelry’s simplicity kindles the attention of the bystander gathering fondness for its artistry in refinement.    
The festivity’s melody was the unbroken colloquy between guests and their sudden love affair with the collection.  With such a dulcet host, Marie Helene Morrow (owner of Reinhold Jewelers) proposed a loving speech culminating the night’s event.  For there is numerous ways to accessorize ensembles, Stephanie Wynne and Jenny Klatt created subtle art that elegantly adorns the refined silhouette. 

At Casa Cortés, Old San Juan, PR.