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Should I Get That?: A Sensual Affair

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Chilled days speak of extravagant garments, blissful smiles and the never ending quench for some sparkling champagne.  For it to be the most wondrous moment of actuality, it creates a beloved atmosphere for any delightful stroll to be taken.  Accompany the inexplicable delight with an ingenious mode for this season.  Let the fusion of masculinity and lady-like luxe creates an enticing affair. 

A minor revamp was taken for this post as it shall be focused on what the closet is yearning for.  The slight amour was bestowed upon the sleek lines of man and the fluidity of woman.  This union creates an enchanting synthesis of a new persona to be sauntering the streets.  It is said that “This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl” (taking a note from the acclaimed song).  The unconventional aspect of it makes it much more alluring. 

When taking a brisk walk it is time to leave normality behind and create a spectacle of the ordinary.  Using a pastel tinged coat (even more fabulous if it’s in a painted floral print) breaks out of the over used and seen raven attire.  As sportswear makes a stop on the road to chicness, the track pant lends an ambience of relaxation letting it be molded into an unorthodox mode of the everyday suit (if paired with a fetching blazer and killer heels).  Speaking of the masculine factor, the use of a briefcase being converted into a facile satchel makes this purse all the more spellbinding.  The hues of fall transition from the seducing oxblood to the winter pastels making the delicate blush of winter are the main colors for cozy jumpers.  As there is nothing more wow worthy than a dazzling shoe to complete an outfit, a gilt t-strap pump is the splendid accessory for an elegant midnight stroll.  As ball gowns go, let the creativity of a do-it-your-own spark the long lasting impressions at a holiday party.  By being a single piece it can be adorned in numerous of ways and styles. The lustrous skirt makes everything feel as if OscarPRGirl handpicked it out for you. 

‘This season adopt the casualty of man whilst obtaining the opulent elegance of a lady.  Be forever fabulous, Matte gals!