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SIN FILO a film by Gilluis Pérez

By Bianca Nieves

This past Thursday, the 5TH edition of the Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival started. A whole week of films, short-films and documentary’s that will be presented on the big screen for everybody to see. If you think you’ve missed out on a big part of this fanciful event don’t fret, because today, at 4:30pm, is the grand premiere of SIN FILO.  A short film produced and filmed by the talented Puerto Rican actor Gilluis Pérez, co-directed by Joa Tous, with original score by René Boscio.

SIN FILO is a lovely, well written story that incorporates a vast usage of visual and auditory poetry, which serves as the perfect way for the audience to explore the life of a contemporary anti-hero. René (Gilluis Pérez), a 20 year old society reject, finds himself constantly in the middle of an emotional war between being his true self, and playing the designated role men have been passed down by history; all whilst reliving memories of a troublesome past.  In the turmoil of his reality, he will try to escape Celeste’s (Jazmín Caratini) narrow-minded reclaims that drown him in dogmatic tendencies.
Be sure not to skip this short film, because with its classy acting and raw message, it will certainly make you question the roles we have been assumed to play in our biased society.