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Style Tips: Hidden Visuals

By Francheska N. Quiñones

This season, intricate details undress hidden secrecies words cannot obtain.  A dress on its own may conjure desires one deeply kept hidden away.  The subtlety of bareness wounds up simplistic pleasures to the drifting eye with a wanting to see what lies on the inside.  Fabric often chooses to play the lovely game of “less is more” and when it comes to this embroidered fantasy, the ludic seduction is kept on the hidden undressed details.

Holiday soirées entice the beginning of new attachments with a sparkling wanting of desires.  Be the dazzling lady all will want to know exuding a mist of mystique.   With such a grand piece opt for delicate accessories.  A translucent clutch is the perfect pairing to go with the outfit’s theme; pair it with the seasonal velvet pumps.  Accessories shall be kept to a minimum when ornate threads are the main attraction.  Hammered jewelry opts the quintessential artistry of understated bijoux

By being the woman in simplistic pairings and translucent structure all eyes will certainly be on you, with the wanting of knowing more.  Let out your hidden vamp this month and keep that breathless charm, Matte Ladies.