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A Local Wish List: Holiday Gift Guide

By Francheska N. Quiñones

During the vast search of darling items (we cannot help but to covet) for Christmas, Matte came across two local concept stores that needed their own personalized post.  Both charmed our vision with a delicate subtlety in design and aesthetics, displaying a sweet pureness to every visit given.  Their scene (given the fact they are placed in Santurce and Old San Juan) gives a sleek hidden feel, making the customer feel as if a glistening treasure was found.  With a lovely message placed as their brand, Love is You and Me grants the wholesome embrace a simple message conveys.  Celebrating their two weeks, concept store Lu|ca is a bijou of wonders and surprises, as well the ever evolving store, Concalma.  With their selection of ornate finds we chose the finest picks to add a little local pizzaz to this year’s wish list.

Placed in a small corner of Santurce there lies a little extra love for those searching for the utmost exceptional gift.  Love is You and Me is an ivory dream of specially chosen items known for their individuality.  The creative aspect of these finds landed a notable place in our Matte Gift Guide for the holidays.  This concept store carried items full of personality and innovative designs with pieces such as an unorthodox puzzle head and cutebots for the creating mind.  The Quiet Revolution Project came up with engaging words that embody what is really needed in life (Pizza, Unicorns, Music, Love and Yoga) and placed them in a breezy tank.  To add a bit of an aroma to the movement, quaint lavender potions are placed in ready to spritz bottles wrapped in delicate bows. 

They say a lady cannot have too much jewelry, when it comes to hand made trinkets they add a personalized touch to any garment.  Metaled string necklaces made by Lacoli & Mcallister and earth stone necklaces by Viviana de Otañon and Jamine Obidos are the quintessential pieces for the à la mode gal.  Those of you who are lovers of the written word , you can send little love letters in style.  With delightful illustrations these cards make for treasured thoughts that will remain in other’s hearts.  We shall not forget the holidays cannot start without some celebratory bubbles, this glamorous solid brass bottle opener is sure to start the party with some sass. 

With a newfound breeze, Lu|ca opened its doors to Old San Juan full of trinkets and artifacts to adorn any home.  Its charming space is strategically placed in Calle de la Cruz, where customers curious enough about the store will step foot in a welcoming scene.  Their items sparked our fancy when a lovely envelope and two concrete heads by Pawels Workshop seemed as a peculiar gift perfect for those who are in with the outré.  Handmade jewelry seem to generate a soft spot for us as acrylic rings by Areia, necklaces by the very own Lu|ca and silver earrings by Marlyn Sofia made their way on our list.  Those who thrive for the adventurous life (and don’t mind a little arts and crafts), the color yourself globe serves as your own personal check list (for every place you visit, the globe becomes more vibrant).  European brand La Varieté is brought to Puerto Rico with their ever so adorable paper bags made from cardboard and polypropylene materials. 

Ever wondered what Paris taste like?  It is the delightful feeling of walking on wondrous air whilst your mouth surrenders in a quaint heavenly fall giving a faint kiss to a delectable treat.  Sweet Art brings the chic Parisienne to the cobblestoned streets of Puerto Rico.  This luscious meringue confection of a cookie gives a sweet pleasurable smile within each bite taken.  These delicacies are a lovely gift for those who are candied lovers.

For those who are little homebodies, Tres Tristes have a selection of cutely designed home goods.  Joining forces with the store Concalma, they have placed an adorable selection of aprons that we are obsessing over.  The illustrative detailing of these pinafores are their clever distinction from the already seen basic designs.

These shops and designers celebrate the minimal designs of local artists and the enchantment of worldwide small brands.  Love is You & Me,  Luca, Concalma, Sweet Art, Tres Tigeres epitomize the commingle of inventive vision with architectural élan.  Hurry on down to these charming stores and spread a little joy with these fabulously intriguing items.     

Shop Local this Holiday Season!