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Art Nook: Colectiva Monopatín 2.0

By Bianca Nieves
What do over 30 artists have in common? Well, for a second time around: impeccable  artistry blended faultlessly with four wheeled boards of the same size. In the urban world, the art of skateboarding and the art of creating and visualizing have been a never ending two way street of inspiration, and this year, the artists featured in Colectiva Monopatín 2.0 didn’t fail to impress.

This past Thursday, C787STUDIOS was the place to be if you are an avid art and skateboarding affectionate.  The walls of this small space were jam packed with a whole bunch of intricately and stylishly designed skateboards. What would normally serve as a way of transportation or a necessary tool to practice a sport was transformed into way more than the mundane. A simple plank with wheels was revamped over and over again. Degutted, stripped, rejuvenated, bundled, sat upon, lighted and last but not least, served as the home of the incredible imagination of each artist.

An exposition truly worthy of everybody’s  time, whether or not you have the gift of not falling flat on your face whilst running a skateboard,  you could appreciate true art and deep down inside, the adventurous part in you ,wanted to learn to be not-so clumsy or at least re-create such a popular item.