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Films We Love: Holiday Delights

By Francheska N. Quiñones
‘Tis an utmost delight when spending a night in bundled up in warmth with your loved ones.  Hot cocoa with spritz of peppermint and your favorite Christmas coffee blends jive the days with a festive flavor.  The lingering smell of oven baked cookies creates an euphoric setting as you pop in your favorite holiday movie.  For they ignite sentiments of Christmas past, these handpicked movies are sure to tender the wintriest of hearts.

The loveliness of a child’s mind produces smiles beyond belief.  With a pureness instilled in every word spoken, In Miracle on 34th Street, six-year old Susan Walker is presented to a Cole’s Department Store Santa whom she is convinced to be the genuine Saint Nicholas.  Millions of doubts surfaced her mind when she remembered about the “secret” her mother told her about Santa.  Within her thoughts she remained to what seemed true and real and the kindness of Kris Kringle made her and her family believe again.

“To me, you are perfect.”  The simplicity of those words carried with the slight melody silence generates the feel for Love ActuallyIt is the combined story of finding, falling and hoping for love while being told by couples in a series of short segments.  Even though it is seen to be almost ten couples showing their trials on endearment, each character is linked to another in some detailed way.  It shows in life the loveliness that is to cherish the ones who you have a caring weakness to, and those who love you whilst presenting the fact that one is never ever really alone on the holidays.

There exists a wonderful charm when gazing at an old black and white movie.  The classics find a way to remain close to our sentiments.  In It’s a Wonderful Life, a man by the name of George Bailey is on the verge to terminate his existence on Christmas Eve when the silhouette of a guardian angel brings him to a halt and takes him on a sentimental expedition.  He shows George how life would be if the presence of him was never instilled in his hometown.  Rapidly, full of regret, he begs for his life back and notices what his foolishness allowed him to blur out, that he truly has a wondrous life.

During celebrated times we tend to see the minimalistic details one skips to notice on ordinary days.  ‘Twas a time for a change for those who were going through an infinite amount of sentimental sorrows.  In The Holiday, two ladies (by the names of Amanda Woods and Iris Simpkins) each living across the pond, one in glimmering Los Angeles and the other in snow covered Surrey, initiated a home swap.  This action led them to alter the future by intermixing with their respective family.  The kindling of new relations induced them to form a heartwarming tale of two women who finally began to enjoy their lives.

Curl up on your cozy couch and watch our favorite holiday films.  They are sure to grant smiles and laughter on these chilly breezy days.