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Holiday Wish List: Matte Men

By Francheska N. Quiñones
Throughout an intricate search for the perfect gifts, we came across the top ten most swonderful items any Matte Man should receive this holiday season.  Kiyume, a swanky new men’s concept store opened its doors to Plaza Las Americas and in it was a wonderland full of marvelous items.  The store grants a scrumptious cocktail of various designers, from Shinola vintage bicycles and leather watches to two toned backpacks (which made their way on our list).  When Arctic Monkey’s new cd AM came out it was pure bliss, sultry melodies and raspy vocals make for the perfect drive playlist.  

Also, what’s a new LP without a record player?  In Urban Outfitters there exists a game console for all you Nintendo 64 fans; making each and every single one of your favorite games now enjoyable on the go.  For those who love the feeling of a clean shave, we came across the french store L’Occitane that has a fantastic little vintage shaving kit.  Granting that it is a celebratory season, there is room for a sophisticated inspired book for all you dapper men with the stylish panache . While speaking of clothes, for those who opt for the more subtle side rather than a funky sweater, a burgundy hued jumper should be on the top of your gift list with a pair of classic brogues.

We hope this Wish List grants you new finds to be worn and enjoyed this upcoming year.  And remember: Stay forever classy, Matte Fellas.