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MATTEmatters: The vagaries of occasionally unreliable technology

By Marcela Filomena

This matters is super-duper late, dear readers, as having written the darn thing (whilst in finals, mind you!), my computer has no recollection of it ever being written at all.  No matter, I ended up stumbling upon some even better on, and enjoy!

music - This week we're staying local and featuring not one, but two musical acts, with the added bonus of being able to see them next week live and in concert.  On the one hand,there's Indigo, the alt-rock band from the West Coast that's been making waves for a while now- they were featured in a print edition of MATTE, actually.  Their well-crafted tunes are danceable & instantly entertaining (kinda like another band recently featured on Matters: Phoenix).  Their influences range far and wide, folk, psychodelia, electronic... and it shows in their eclectic style, which has quickly gained them an international following.  On the other hand, recent splash StOnEtaPe.  Originally a one-man powerhouse (remember last year's release?), StOneTApe has recently been incarnated in band form, bringing together musicians from Campoformio, Habish & International Dub Ambassadors.  The music is chamber pop, simultaneously dreamy and punchy: recalling everybody from Brian Wilson to Cream to The Byrds, albeit for the 21st century.  The show will also feature a DJ set by the filmmaker/musician/photographer/scene documentarian extraordinaire Furry Vowels.

So yes, readers, this time around let's support our own and all make it out to Indigo and StOneTapE on December 12th.  It promises to be a smashing good time!

film - The premise was interesting: the New York Times would take 11 actors in some of the best films of the year, get writers from said projects to pen one-liners, and put it all in the hands of Janusj Kamincki, resulting in peculiarly short shorts.  The execution was, for lack of a better word, distinctly peculiar.  Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) looks other-worldly as ever in hers, Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha) delivers her line to a stuffed bear, Julia Louis Dreyfus (Enough said) is charming as always...and yet...I'm left feeling puzzled, like I should have a gigantic question mark floating over my head.  See for yourselves

art - Tattoo artist Xoil makes the most beautiful, painterly, masterfully drafted, instantly recognizable body art on the planet. Part of a fairly recent trend called simply Photoshop, they're ultra-graphic and digitally composed, with obsessive details and washes that seem like brushstrokes.  They truly are statement pieces- he's the only person I would give free rein- alas!, he's based in France.

design - Sebastian Errazuriz lives at the confluence between art and design, its swirling waters bubbling with creativity and, in this case, SHOES!  And what shoes!  Each one of the 12 comes with a love story to match, from star-crossed lovers to feminist spankings.  My personal favorite is The Rock, both for the brief story and the imposing shoe that comes with it, although The Gold-digger comes a close second.

item - Technically, this should go under art, but I already had the lovely Loïc- so under item it shall be.  If any of you lives or is planning to visit New England over the holidays, mosey on down to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and take a gander at their exhibition of women photographers from the Middle East.  I won't get into heavy political stuff (this is most definitely not the venue) but surely anyone can see the relevance of having done this particular showing at this particular moment in time.  "She Who Tells a Story" will be open until January 12, 2014, so hurry hurry hurry before it's too late.