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Street Style: Red Haute

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Oh, sweet winter time!  How joyous it is to be surrounded by the delightful zephyr that caresses our every feel.  As a tender bleakness rushes over lands, its chic inhabitants strut in ode to a contrasting aura that brings a little sizzle to the silver chill.

Ladies in red carry a light elegance with their classic silhouettes adorned in such a bellowing coloration.  In it lies the enchantment to capture undivided attention of admirers wholeheartedly.  From fur coats, cigarette pants, sassy kisses (how adorable is that clutch?!), structured dresses to full on three hued crimson there are extensive ways for you to wear this trend.  Wallflowers, break out of the monotone course and head onto a fabulous à la mode soirée!  Swap out your orthodox little black dress or even your most recent little white dress; the time is now to fashion on the little red dress (so many littles, so little time!).  If a full on vivid hue is a tad frightening channel Madame Coco Chanel and opt for the simplicity of scarlet lips, plus, if they strike up inspiration, that rubescent ensemble awaits.   
Gals, allow yourself to be the talk of the town.  Besides, who knows if that dress sparks up a charming conversation with a tall dark stranger (one can only imagine).  Be the doll with the enthralling style and always remember to be forever fabulous!     

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