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Style Tips: The Perfect Look

By Francheska N. Quiñones

In a room full of effervescent champagne glasses and gem hued dresses be the vibrant femme fatale who brings that extra wicked smile just before the celebrated kiss. 

The key to not overdoing this look is instilled within the details.  Accessories should star as a faint embellish to one’s personality.  As it is the night where sparkles and confetti reign the skies, your dress should be exuding charm with a much more subtle take on shimmer.  This ornate dress embodies the dashing spirit of the festivities.  Since it carries such detailed elements, the adornments were kept to a sleek sophistication.  The rough combination of leather and gold makes for a great ornament as it evolves into a polished cuff. This allows a great fusion to merge as ladylike earrings and a swanky artistic cocktail ring mingle with the outfit.  To keep this look sleek opt for the buckled pointed toe heel, its structure makes legs look longer and sensual.  To finish off the look, you cannot go wrong with a cava hued structural clutch.

This New Year’s Eve be glamourous in your sultry little black dress.  (psst! Be sure to snag a kiss from that handsome lad across the room).  Remember, ‘tis the night to be adventurous!  And never forget, Matte Ladies: Be Forever Fabulous.

Happy New Year!