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2014 Bucket List

By Bianca Nieves

After saying farewell to 2013, a whole new year unveils in front of us. Plenty of opportunities and moments appear to engage the unknown, and it can become slightly overwhelming. So, don’t embrace the New Year blindfolded; here is a bucket list to guide your way into a more fulfilling and lovely year!

This series of suggestions is no “to-do list” or “I should ...list” or even those overly exaggerated resolutions, which end up making you feel even worse if you don’t manage to accomplish them. Take note in doing what nourishes you as a person, because a bucket list is a list of your dreams, of what you truly strive for! Whether teaching yourself something new, like yoga, engulfing yourself in delicious, yet healthy goods, reading yourself a good book, tracking how your days are going by with a journal or walking enjoying the sun set; all whilst you find those new tunes that will reflect your ever changing mood.

Alas, go for those little things that give you a sense of independence and confidence, because those qualities are perfect for conquering anything else 2014 throws at you! More importantly, do what you truly want to do and forget what you think you should do. Let go of meeting up expectations that leave you empty in the meanwhile.

Focus on making this year count, MATTE mates! May 2014 be filled with new adventures, spiritual and actual, and be ever so gratifying!