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Blogs We Love: Atlantic - Pacific

by Francheska N. Quiñones

An exuberant radiance saunters in billowed skirts and scarlet daubed lips.  The essence of grandeur lies in the classique fashion of her feminine garments, for she admixes easiness with a structural flair. 

Blair Eadie reigns when it comes to creating the perfect look du jour.  Her endless need to glamorize everyday staples into an unforgettable ensemble relies in the intricate details.  For her, what makes an outfit stand out is the ability to accessorize.  It does not need to depend on jewelry but on the ways basics can flare from plainness into patterned cool.  A sample ingredient of elegant and newfangled tendencies sum up her cocktail for a fabulous closet.
 Her blog, Atlantic - Pacific banks on the sophistication of visual perception.  No words are there to amplify the swift details of the day, just photographs of an idyllic space and time.  As a merchandiser for Tory Burch she knows the delicate subject of editing and picking out memorable apparel.  From midi skirts (mainly Tibi), sleek crop tops, lurid prints and the endless collection of coats, Blairs handpicked selection of style is accompanied by her poised allure.

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