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BookLook: Cecilia Tallis, Atonement

By Bianca Nieves
1. Beside the fountain: Helmut Lang blouse, Emilio Pucci skirt, Valentino heels  2. Wishful thinking: Ralph Lauren gown, Zara heels  3. Come back to me:  Monki blazer, Altazurra blouse,  Peter Jensen jeans; Valentino heels

For McEwan, the manipulation of fates and tragic events are the central points in Atonement, yet he still manages to find beauty in every unfortunate scene. After 24 hours of overwhelming incidents, an incredulous false accusation is made towards the one Cecilia Tallis has come to love, Robbie. The misguided crime of her imaginative little sister, Briony Tallis, leaves Cecilia to suffer, struggle in love and move to London. Only to wait and read love letters from what could’ve been.  Showing that in the midst of fighting two wars, one can only win one. Nevertheless, Robbie and Cecilia might have lost their chance, but their love story remains in the memories of those who read the tale written by a girl who simply wants to ease the burden she has suffered all her life.

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