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Matte Nails: T-Strap

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Welcoming in the new year we came across a swanky new and simplistic form for nail art.  Long gone are the days where over detailed lacquer made way for à la mode style.  2014 reigns with a minimalist modus operandi for the lady on the go. 

The season’s snazziest shoe served as inspiration for Love Aesthetics, Ivania Carpio.  Fusing her love for shoes and facile manicures, she conjured what are the T-Strap Nails.  Solely based on the flick of two lines, their intersecting point creates a slight subtle modernistic feel that serves as a creative accessory to any outfit. 

To create your soon to be favorite manicure you only need a white hued nail art pen.  Draw a horizontal line across the moons of the nails and later on couple it with a fine vertical line to the top of your nail. Voilà!  You got yourself a modish manicure.

This month say goodbye to over complicated and ease yourself into the new year with a breezy mani.